Episode 1: D&D 5th Edition Elf Fighter Arko

Arko is a 5th Edition D&D Fighter – a high elf who was raised in a library, and found inspiration in tales of great deeds of adventurers. Their elf parents would have much preferred they study the great arcane arts or the beautiful histories of their people, but instead the focused on learning halfling languages and ancient melee weapon use. One day, it all came to a head, and Akro found themself stealing ancient ceremonial armor and weapons and hitting the road in search of something more meaningful than dusty books and lofty ideals. Now they’re all decked out and ready to hit the road in whatever quest you conceive of!

Download the art and a ready-to-play character sheet below, ready to print off and inspire your own adventures!

Episode 1 - DnD 5th Ed Elf Fighter

Episode 1 - DnD 5th Ed Elf Fighter Sheet


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